welcome to my princess palace ... or fairy den ... or mermaid cave ... or whatever you want to call it ^_^ lalala~ :3 i hope you enjoy!!! i've always wanted to make a silly little site like this ... it's kinda hard ... but i have fun!^.^i'll keep trying my best!!!


call me HONEYYY~!
she/her mew/mews
i'm trying to expand my
coding horizon!! ^_^

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dreamy journal...

website created may 5, 2022 ... have fun!

12TH OF MAY, 2022 ->

my second journal! my website feels a bit more friendly with this... i like having a place to ramble, though! ... it's so HOT today though T_T i ate outside today for lunch because i wore a t-shirt and shorts and the air conditioning was making me cold... i can't believe that it's MAY and almost 90F outside that's so crazy! i like warmer weather better than colder weather though... everything is so flowery and pretty and bright, meanwhile winter is so grey and it makes me sad... to the person reading this, what's your favorite flower? i love bleeding hearts, tulips, and dandelions! i know that dandelions aren't exactly flowers but they smell SO GOOD. yesterday i was smelling one on my walk home and then when i got home i realized that my whole nose is stained yellow LOL.
i'm going to try and make iced tea with foraged violets and dandelions today! if you're able to, go outside!! THANKS FOR READING THIS BAIII :3 :3 :3

11TH OF MAY, 2022 ->

WELCOME to my first ever journal!!! ^_^ i'm very excited to be finally filling these in! i kind of procrastinated working on this site for a bit, plus i was just busy with school crap too... but now i'm HERE!! and i figured that i should introduce myself and say more about me! sooo... i'm honey, i'm 16, i'm a girlthing + hoard xenogenders! i'm also autistic! :3 some of my biggest interests are cute things (obviously), dolls, the batman, idol games, writing, reading, art, and music! i loooveee loona btw they're so meepy. i'm also physically disabled so i may kind of rant about that in here ^^".... besides all of that though my biggest special interest and my passion in life is OC CREATION! i love my ocs so much they're like my best friends! i plan on eventually making a section on here that shares information about them soo when you do see that plz check it out!:D
that's all i have to say for NOW... but hopefully future journals will be much longer as i figure out neocities even more! THANK YOU FOR READING && CHECKING OUT MY WEBSITE!!! BAIII ^_^~